Carbon & Graphite
Material for PV Industry

Carbongroup produces components made of graphite, CFC and carbon-based insulating materials in any shape, size and complexity. We produce in single-part, assembly, and project or series production. All raw materials are kept in stock and available to be selected for specific applications.

In addition to the machining, all components can be purified and coated (SiC/PyC). Production steps are implemented and monitored to the highest standards of the respective industry sectors. Carbongroup has 50 years of experience, dozens of materials, hundreds of satisfied customers, countless applications and the best workshops in the sector.

Their 50 years history have also given them 30 years of experience in photovoltaics. All leading silicon and solar cell manufacturers as well as system builders are considered among our customers.


  • PECVD-boats for AR/BP
  • Carrier for coating or annealing
  • Hotzones CZ & DSS
  • Holders and pads
  • Crucibles / bassins
  • Equipment and parts for Thin-Film technology
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